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"His hip vibe and soulful sound find a perfect fit here and is sure to assist in bringing the cool factor back to this genre....the future looks bright for contemporary jazz as we continue to attract fresh young artists of this caliber and Lin's star will surely help light the way."

In the small pool of trumpets players in the smooth jazz genre Lin Rountree has carved out a fresh and unique sound all his own and is a stand-alone when it comes to boldly bringing out the funk and soul as his flavors of choice ~ Amazon Editorial Review
Lin Rountree's signature sound continues to impress many, if not most contemporary jazz listener's across the globe.
- The Urban Music Scene

Music lovers were on the 8th of October 2016, treated to a spectacular musical event at the Lugogo cricket oval in Kampala. Coincidentally, the 9th annual Jazz and soul safari was held on the eve of Uganda's 54 Independence day.......The highlight of the night form me was the jazz session which was culminated by performances by Jackiem Joyner and Lin Rountree. The jazz duo gave a jaw dropping performance as they shared their mastery and ingenuity of their musical instruments with the audience. They performed music from their own composition and renditions of various popular songs.
- The Jazz Symphonic, Uganda

The 9th Annual Nile Gold Jazz & Soul Safari, Uganda review. "The trumpet is a physically demanding instrument," American jazz trumpeter Lin Rountree told press earlier in the week, and he blew the crowd away with a powerful exhibition of original compositions, visibly exerting himself for those high, sustained notes.
- MALCOLM BIGYEMANO of The Pearl Guide, Uganda

Rountree has, with 'Stronger Still', come up with a real gem. Indeed with ten original tunes, either written or co-written by him, this is a work of real quality from a performer making his mark in the under populated niche of smooth jazz trumpet.
- Chris Godber, Smooth Jazz Therapy

Nothing is for eternity, but when Lin supplies his soul with musical power, then Stronger Still might have these unique, irretrievable moments of eternity....Lin Rountree has the certain feeling for refinement and the love for the sonic groove. Stronger Still mirrors his creative flair and the ability to find the touching notes.
- Hans-Bernd Hulsmann,, First View

If there's one thing you can count on with Rountree's music, it's that it can gratify, romance, and transport you with such ease. There is that smoooothness, that silkiness, and meticulous manner in which he delivers his trumpet, all with a thick layer of soul/R&B as an added ingredient......All in all, this album will not disappoint, and Rountree fans will surely delight in the completeness of this project. So, nestle into that comfy sofa or rock back in that recliner, press "play" on this one, and just go there. The trip is surely worth your while.
- Ronald Jackson, Smooth Jazz Ride

One of the highlights of the night was the session by soul trumpeter Lin Rountree and pop/R&B chanteuse Beth Griffith. The duo delivered a fantastic show performing music from original compositions to renditions of various popular songs. Without a doubt, these two multitalented artists were great together.
- Buzztales, Dubai

One listen to this muscular production and you'll be inclined to agree that he has reached that distinction as one of today's premier C-jazz trumpeters
- Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride

Lin Rountree, takes on a new way of seeing things where trumpet playing is concerned. With Soulfunky, Lin Rountree redefines the term groove.
- Hans-Bernd Hulsmann,

Lin HAS taken a new direction with this soulful & funky album. I dig it!
- Patrick Van de Wiele (4 1/2 out of 5 stars), Keys and Chords

Trumpeter Lin Rountree has steadily built a reputation with a series of strong albums, "Soul Funky" is probably his BEST to date. Whilst still having a smooth backdrop (production wise), Soul Funky is modern Jazz Funk.......In tone and soulfulness, his approach to the trumpet echoes that of the legendary Freddie Hubbard on this excellent album.
- Soul Brothers Records


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