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Writing Research Papers in Education



Writing research papers in education can be a daunting task, as education research papers are more than a non-complicated summary of the research articles and book chapters. A good paper should present a clearly defined idea or topic, and support it through research of the literature. The paper should be presented in a consistent and a logical fashion.


Education research papers have no one right manner or write for writing. No wonder that the writing style, content aside, as well as presentation of education research papers vary significantly. However, there are parts from the paytowritepaper company, which are common for most research papers in education:


Title or Cover Page in Education Research Papers

The title of cover page for research paper in education should contain, as the name implies, the writer's name, contact details (address, e-mail, phone number), and the date.


Abstract in Education Research Papers

As a matter of fact, research papers in education do not require an abstract, although they do need ideas for education research papers. However, for more technical and longer research papers the abstract will useful. You will find examples on the "professional speech writing services" website. The abstract should provide a broad overview, state research question, the significance, the methodology, and the main findings or results.


Research Papers in Education: Introduction and Problem Statement

Similar to any other research, an interesting and sound introduction should introduce the main research problem and state the thesis argument. It should be explicit, clear, and easily comprehensible.


Limitations of the Study

For the research papers in education you should limit the research subject to focus the topic. Write what you, as a researcher, are going to attempt, and what you won't do.


Methodology in Research Papers in Education

In this section you should discuss the research methodology and procedures. You may shed some light on the details, and answer the questions like "Did the research employ quantitative or qualitative research methods?”, “Is it a historical research paper in education?", “Did you use field research?”, “Did you use archives or libraries while writing your education research paper?”, and many others.

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