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Review - Dos Divas - February 28, 2019

Dos Divas performs at Upstairs at Vitello’s
- Paula Edelstein, Sounds of Timeless Jazz

In their return engagement to the trendy Studio City nightclub, Upstairs at Vitello’s, Dos Divas and special guest vocalists Isela Sotelo and Hugo Castillo, drew a near capacity devoted audience to hear superb renditions of Spanish classics and songs from film scores. Dos Divas – Lorraina Marro and Jackie Gibson – were accompanied by Jennifer Jane Leitham on acoustic bass, Steve Rawlins on piano, Dr. Bobby Rodriguez on trumpet, Mitchell Long on guitar and Steve Pemberton on drums.

The set featured outstanding musicality and interplay on such Spanish classics as “Besame Mucho” during a duet sung by Lorraina Marro and Hugo Castillo. Later a lovely interpretation of Ary Barroso’s “Aquarela do Brasil,” better known as “Brazil,” was sung by Lorraina Marro. The latter song was made famous when it was featured in the 1942 Disney film Saludos Amigos. Additional film music covered tonight included songs from the film “Coco” sung by Jackie Gibson. Isela Sotelo’s uptempo version of a Cuban bolero and her strong interpretation of Ivan Lins’ “The Island” was met with enthusiatic applause while Hugo Castillo’s version of “A Taste of Me” brought robust applause. Other memorable highlights included great trumpet solos performed by Dr. Bobby Rodriguez and the exceptional acoustic bass soloing of Jennifer Jane Leitham.

Overall, the intimate setting of Upstairs at Vitello’s provided a warm and friendly setting for the vocalists and band who also shared intimate stories of their families and the inspirations for several of the songs heard tonight. Don’t miss Dos Divas when they come your way. Keep in touch with them at https://www.lorrainamarro.com/.


Reviews - E Spot Lounge - March 5, 2017

Take a bow, Lorraina
- Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

Lorraina Marro is always fun to see perform. At the E-Spot, the singer was joined by pianist Bradley Young’s trio with bassist Adrian Rosen and drummer Jon Stuart plus an occasional tenor-saxophonist whose name I unfortunately missed. After the band played an instrumental version of “Perdido” (with Young sounding a bit like Oscar Peterson), the appealing vocalist commanded the stage during a set ranging from obscure love ballads and a grooving “Feel Like Making Love” to a swinging “Time After Time,” “Day In Day, Out” and even “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.” She closed the night with a beautiful version of “Tea For Two,” starting with the lesser-known verse. Sticking mostly to optimistic songs that fell between jazz, soul and r&b, Lorraina Marro displayed a joyful and powerful voice that consistently delighted the audience.

- Debra Graf, Radio Talk Show Host at AmericanHeartRadio

Lorraina Marro and The Bradley Young Quartet's magnum opus performance at Vitello's in Studio City Sunday was magical - putting a smile on everyone’s face, exuding warmth, lifting spirits, and reminding us of the pure beauty of love. Lorraina shared her soul with sincerity, warmth, and a cool calm collected confidence. What a joy! Hearing her embrace standards effortlessly with such style and technique, was simply a delight. It's clear the band members were blessed to be backing Lorraina as they were aglow, displaying their priceless pleasure. She raised the bar and the A+ musicians followed suit. Looking forward to featuring Lorraina as the guest jazz artist on my radio show, "Sleepless in Studio City."


Review by Scott Yanow - L.A. Jazz Scene - The Gardenia - May 12, 2016

SO RARE - Lorraina Marro, a highly appealing singer with a strong voice, performed recently at the Gardenia. She was accompanied by pianist Steve Rawlins, bassist John B. Williams and drummer Steve Pemberton for her warm renditions of standards. Ms. Marro’s singing, which often falls between swinging jazz and cabaret, is difficult to categorize. She puts a lot of feeling into the lyrics while also swinging and infusing the music with heartfelt emotions.

While her recent CD Mixed Emotions (which is excellent) consists of some of her best originals, Lorraina performed lively versions of vintage material at the Gardenia, emphasizing love songs and the many sides and stages of love. The night began with the trio playing a Latin-tinged version of “Come Rain Or Come Shine” while Lorraina danced to the stage. Among the highpoints of the colorful set were a swinging “Easy To Love,” a humorous version of “Let Me Love You,” some very nice vocal tones on “How Deep Is The Ocean,” a duet rendition of “You’re The One” with Rawlins, and a spirited medley of “More” and “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday.” Other highlights included a version of “Fever” in which she sang directly to members of the audience, a swinging “So Rare,” and a dramatic version of “I Chose The Moon.” Throughout the night, Lorraina Marro, whose talking to the audience between songs was often humorous and insightful, was heard in top form and she sent audiences home with a smile.


REVIEW BY MYRNA DANIELS, L.A. JAZZ SCENE - Catalina Jazz Club - September 13, 2015

Vocalist Lorraina Marro looked elegant as she came on stage dressed in a long navy gown. She's an attractive woman who was at ease on stage and connected easily with the audience, which was filled with an enthusiastic crowd. It turned out to be a fun evening for everyone. “The Man Who Got Away” was a strong choice, as Marro turned the heat up for more drama. Likewise, “I Cried For You” was a full-blown, fast moving vehicle for everyone on stage to up the energy for a snappy ending. The audience was cheering and applauding Marro’s efforts. Singer Sceaming Jay Hawkins wrote “I Put A Spell On You” in 1955, which was a big hit for Nina Simone. Marro did a fine job, concentrating on the lyrics with a strong, dramatic attack. This was one of my favorites of the night. Marro started “What Kind of Fool Am I” with a whispery voice, very emotional as the audience sat quietly. She ended with a stronger voice, pleading, with the lyrics, “Why can’t I fall in love?” The last tune was “Make Someone Happy” and I’d have to say, Lorraina Marro made her audience pretty darn happy on this evening.


September 9, 2015

Lorraina Marro, born and raised in Los Angeles, has performed in many of the jazz venues in town and has developed a reputation as a true talent.

Lorraina Marro has a light, but aggressive style to her vocals. Her personal stories and the passion of her vocals reflect the struggles of being a very talented singer with a dream deferred. She’s a true show lady and a consummate entertainer. If you want to enjoy a romantic, but great evening of jazz with your girl or guy, make it a point to be at one of her next shows.

Radio World Indie LOVES Lorraina, we think she is ALL that and more bringing her sexy, romantic, sophisticated, classy music to the public. We are positive you will be whisked away into a dreamy world for lovers. She takes her fans on a personal journey, for all to capture the essence of the silver lining of her soul, from love, to the triangles of relationships and starting over. Thank you our beautiful guiding light of sexy music for all that you do and bring to Radio World Indie. May the heavens above pave your music path with Stars! To us you already hold the title of being the most vivacious woman on Radio World Indie. We thank you for recognizing RWI is worthy to play your music.



"All we can say about Lorraina Marro is WOW!" Upstairs at Vitello's

"OH my she is Hopping with Joy! Bless you Lorraina Marro you were fantastic Last Night!!!! Ahhhhh! Song Choices PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Robyn Carmona, Promoter

"It was a night to remember. I am really glad that I went to vitellos on Sunday again... Lorraina Marro you are a bomb and I can't wait for your cd... I loved the song in your show that you have written... and my second fav... When the World Turns Blue / Joe Sample. Was great meeting you." Heinzi Schmitthammer, Audience Participant (visiting from Germany)

"You were absolutely red HOT last night Lorraina!!! I enjoyed your show so much and your band was so great too!!! Such a memorable evening!!! Love you!!! XO" Jonathan Weitz, Audience Participant

"Congratulations on an absolutely marvelous show! You sounded fantastic -- what a set of pipes you have! -- looked wonderful and are such a consummate entertainer. Tender, thrilling, funny, touching! Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening!" Ada Bird Wolfe, Vocalist



Clifford Bell, Director - " Congratulations to LORRAINA MARRO for a very successful and meaningful night tonight .

Tonight was such a triumph for her...To see her onstage..looking like a million bucks- in elegant understatement like Nancy herself- on the stage of Catalina Jazz Club...still the most prestigious venue in the city...surrounded by the creme de la creme musicians with First Class sizzling, swingin', soulful arrangements by STEVE RAWLINS.

My favorite quality about Lorraina as a singer is that she is very genuine about being in the moment....she knows how to "be"....and when she operates from that zen center...she can really take you with her as the song goes wherever it goes...when it needs to swing...she can swing....when it needs to wail...she can wail...but always from a very genuine, connected place. There's not a false moment about her...and that really means something to an audience, whether they know that's what they're responding to or not....

Aside from the wonderful audience, and the masterful presentation from the stage...one of the real perks of the night happened at the very end...while rolling up the ribbons and settling up in the office of the club...

Catalina- (Yes, Virginia- There is a Catalina) had stayed the whole night...something she literally almost never does and she LOVED the show....I have known Catalina for ten years and she is the last gal standing from the great Jazz Scene of the past, present and future...She has seen and heard everyone....

And Catalina....very sincerely....raved and raved and raved about how much she loved the show....What a great job Lorraina did....how great the music was....how well put together the show was....how touched she was by it..."

Review by Krystle Carmona
Writer. Social Media Consultant
At Catalina Jazz Club, Los Angeles, CA

"On May 28, 2014, I had the distinct honor and great pleasure of attending the Catalina Jazz Club on the infamous Sunset Blvd. for a wonderful evening of song and homage. Well-groomed men and beautifully adorned women comprised the scene, but the belle of the ball was indeed Lorraina Marro who wowed the prestigious club with an incredible tribute to legendary songstress Nancy Wilson. If you’ve never been to the Catalina, it’s a swanky little hidden gem that exudes chic sophistication and grace, reminiscent of the supper clubs from the 1930s, very fitting for Marro who stunned in an elegant black ensemble with sparkling jewels that still could not take away from her natural beauty. And the voice…just as striking.

Because every great vocalist deserves a great band, there was certainly no short changing here when Marro enlisted the help of Musical director and pianist Steve Rawlins who assembled an all-star ensemble with Lyman Medeiros on bass, Doug MacDonald on guitar, and Steve Pemberton on drums.

However, it wasn’t until her take on the Nancy Wilson hit, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” when I realized just how comfortable on stage the singing beauty was. Playing to the crowd, “I don’t know if it’s the dress or the shoes, but he just can’t take his eyes off me,” flirtatiously referring to a gentleman less than 10 feet from the stage who went by the name “Joe.” The playful banter between Marro and the guy named “Joe,” who turned out to be an extraordinary vocalist by the name of Gary Brumburgh led to a fun and charming duet between the two. Brumburgh also accompanied Marro for a second number, “Don’t Misunderstand” which established them a perfect pair.

Nancy Wilson’s niece, Debbie Joyce was also amongst the acknowledgements which made for a lovely treat, especially for Marro. But, the show must go on as she quickly jumped back into the swing of things with “The Music That Makes Me Dance” where she belted out some pretty big notes, which was quite impressive just after tears of joy ensued seconds before. And it didn’t stop there. Marro then got the crowd moving with the upbeat tune “Call Me” with members of the audience appropriately yelling back, ‘Call Me!’

Needless to say, it was a phenomenal evening.

I had the chance to talk to Marro afterwards and she’s just as sweet as the melodies in her voice. That combined with her superb talent is sure to make her a staple in the jazz world for many years to come.

Sweet Nancy would have been proud. Oh, ‘How Glad I Am’ to have been in attendance.

Review by Buddy Sampson, The ScoopLA, at Catalina Jazz Club, Los Angeles, CA (5/28/14)

The Catalina Jazz Club, on a balmy evening in Hollywood, was the locale of a wonderful evening of jazz, spearheaded by the sensational performance of singer Lorraina Marro, whose show “How Glad I Am,” was a fine tribute to vocal legend Nancy Wilson. “Nancy Wilson was the reason I started singing,” said Lorraina Marro. “For me, much of my inspiration came from Nancy Wilson.”

Lorraina Marro, born and raised in Los Angeles, has performed in many of the jazz venues in town and has developed a reputation as a true talent.

Among the wonderful people were her assortment of musicians on stage, which included musical director and pianist Steve Rawlins, bassist Lyman Medeiros, guitarist Doug MacDonald and drummer Steve Pemberton. They served as a very tasty backdrop to the musical canvas that Marro masterfully painted.

She started her set with her version of “You’d Be Nice To Come Home To,” a bluesy number that featured her playful vocals and started giving the audience a sense of her playfulness and charm. She performed a Murray Grand/Elisse Boyd song, “Guess Who I Saw Today,” which would have done Nancy Wilson proud. Among the other songs she performed in her set, were “Don’t Take Your Love From Me,” “The Grass is Greener,” and “Too Late Now.” But the best song of her set was “You’re Just Too Good To Be True,” a song that truly emphasized her penchant for entertainment, flirting with the audience to great effect. She flirted with a guy in the audience, “Joe,” who she invited to join her on stage. Well “Joe,” was actually a singer named Gary Brumburgh, who was very charming on stage. Their banter and jokes made her already formidable set even better.

Lorraina Marro has a light, but aggressive style to her vocals. Her personal stories and the passion of her vocals reflect the struggles of being a very talented singer with a dream deferred. She’s a true show lady and a consummate entertainer. If you want to enjoy a romantic, but great evening of jazz with your girl or guy, make it a point to be at one of her next shows."

"Lorraina's performance in her tribute to Nancy Wilson was outstanding. I had the honor of attending this bands concert last night. Lorraino's tribute to Nancy Wilson was a spectacular performance, one I hope she repeats at other venues. The band doubled the delight." John Catoe, Audience Participant

"We were at your performance last night. You were wonderful! We love the Catalina Jazz Club, and your show is one our favorites! Love your song choices! Thank you so much for a great evening, it was our 35th anniversary, you helped make it a night to remember!" Tina Jenkins, Audience Participant

"LOVED your show, you were fabulous!!! xoxo . . . . . Thank you Lorraina Marro for such a beautiful evening, and you and your DIVA self looked fabulous!! xoxo" Christine Vert, Audience Participant

"Wonderful show Lorraina. Guess Who I Saw today, Can't Take My Eyes Off You and Fireworks -- were great! Swingin' band-- and the duets were super." Mark Winkler, Singer/Songwriter


Review by Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online, at Danny's Skylight Room, New York

"On Friday, October 15th, I saw two shows, the first being Los Angeles based Lorraina Marro's "You Must Believe in Spring" show. Musical director Tedd Firth, who Ms. Marro had only met a few days earlier, led his trio as though they had played this show a dozen times before. The result was a polished, professional performance. With heavenly vocals that lean to the jazz style, this was an evening that I enjoyed completely. I look forward to a return visit from that super singer soon.

Review Gina Zollman, Beverly Hills Outlook, at Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood

The recent CD release party for Lorraina Marro's first recording, "You Must Believe In Spring," held at the new Catalina Bar and Grill in Hollywood, was a stellar event, almost reminding me more of a lavish wedding than a jazz/cabaret show! With over 100 guests in attendance, there was a festive atmosphere as all awaited the lady of the moment, Lorraina Marro.

Decked out in a figure-hugging black sheath with a sparkly, sequined shawl, Lorraina humbly assumed the diva position center stage and really let go. Unassuming and sweet-natured, Lorraina Marro delivered on the promise of her professional-looking promotional materials and great website: she was so elegant and easy-going and naturally charming, pulling off this high-pressure coup like she had been doing it forever.

Lorraina Marro's voice was dreamy and consistently smooth, with a slight, sweet vibrato. Her end notes were held out for all to admire, so true and clear and bell-toned. She gave a lovely, understated rendition of the musical theatre standard "If Ever I Would Leave You" from "Camelot," an excellent choice of material for her. Many of the songs I had never heard before; they were lyrically very rich, and the tunes were pleasing, all in the right key for Lorraina's sumptuous vocals. Miss Marro shone with inner and outer beauty on her title song, "You Must Believe In Spring," so filled with hope and a longing for things to work out. More very real and personal patter followed, informing us of recent performances in Las Vegas, a semi-finals finish at the San Francisco Cabaret Festival, and other indications she is making a wonderful name for herself in this area of show business.

"Soon" was one of my favorites of the day, uptempo and jazzy, a signature tune, to be sure. This seldom sung Gershwin selection stole my heart, and the arrangement was stunning, with only short instrumental solos, and some musical puns (a la Gershwin's American in Paris) just to see if you were paying attention.

Lorraina finished up her delightful set with an encore, after a rousing and well-deserved standing ovation. "The Shadow of Your Smile" was a pleasing, sentimental coda to an honest, well-rehearsed and superbly mounted CD party to beat the band. This song was really a salute to that saloon singer extraordinaire, Sinatra, and capped a classy and musical morning. Well done, Lorraina and company, they don't make 'em like you anymore.


Richard Steinberg, National Chair
The Gala Benefit for The Children of Heroes, Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas

“There’s that moment of magic when the night and the day are precisely balanced on the horizon; and magic is in the gentle breeze.

There’s that moment of magic when the air is so still that you can actually hear inspiration call to you.

And there’s Lorraina Marro on stage.

Her gentle craftings, lyrical excellence, charm and style wrap around any song that she sings to perfection.

She takes the stage, the audience noisily busies themselves with their drinks or whatever, then suddenly become silently rapt by the pure magic she weaves.”


Excerpt from email from a commanding officer of a Special Operations Unit regarding the video he and his unit watched of the Gala for Children of Heroes

“Ms. Marro was FANTASTIC and silly and an incredible singer, and we all really enjoyed her a great deal, and were particularly moved that a star like that would commit herself to be a regular part of your efforts. Her performance reminded us all of better times and her voice took us all to a better place.”


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