The New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies featuring DJ Hektik


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The New Orleans (Society Of Dance) Baby Doll Ladies are a group of performers that chant, dance and are very passionate about continuing the legacy of one of New Orleans’ most endearing African American, Mardi Gras traditions of women masking as "Baby Dolls," which dates back as early as ca. 1912. The New Orleans Society Of Dance was established March 2005 with the objective of providing a platform for local dance-artists. In the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Aug. 2005, the dance-company presented its signature ensemble, Millisia White's New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies, as one of the city's first cultural resurrections of its kind; essentially serving as an inspiration and example of hope for today’s generation.

The New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies trademark is the addition of painted faces. Not only does their showcase include an array of colorful character-dancers accompanied by the sounds of traditional brass music, but they are also incorporating the “new” with the added dynamics of Music Ambassaor, D.J. Hektik, an American-Southern turntablist and mixtape monarch hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. Moreover, D.J. Hektik serves as the dance company’s in-house music producer and helps the group combine street chants onto studio tracks.

Together with the musical accompaniment of D.J. Hektik, The Baby Doll Ladies exemplify tales of womanhood and powerfully demonstrate their distinct heritage of pageantry, and performing artistry into every enlightening and exciting showcase. Millisia White’s New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies have brought this once dormant doll masquerading custom from the streets of New Orleans “Second Line” (Brass/Jazz) processionals to a variety of stages and television audiences across America and abroad.

Since appearing in the 2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The New Orleans Society Of Dance, in cooperation with the City Of New Orleans Economic Preservation Office, commemorated The Baby Doll Ladies 2016 inaugural (now annual) Mardi-Gras Day, Walking Parade. The Baby Doll Ladies' unprecedented walking parade marks the first time in living history that the tradiition of doll masking has been recognized and honored with an official Mardi Gras Day (parade) route.

Dance has always been instrumental to the development of New Orleans' culture of Jazz and much like the women of the jazz era before them the Baby Doll ladies convey and perpetuate a contagious, uplifting, smart and sassy message of women’s empowerment and artistic excellence in each performance! Millisia White’s New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies also integrate a school and youth teaching mission into their reperatoire as part of community outreach efforts. Thus, further cultivating their doll-masking traditions with a higher sense of aesthetics and purpose, performing year-round.

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