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Deliverance Minister
Life Coach
Best Selling Author
Media Personality
Inspirational Speaker

Bill Bean is a world renowned exorcist / spiritual deliverance minister, and is known as "The Spiritual Warrior.' He's also an internationally known author, lecturer and paranormal / supernatural expert. Bean is currently appearing in episodes of the 2020 Travel Channel series,'Ghost Nation and a 2019 episode of the Holzer Files. Bill has also appeared in many episodes of the 'A Haunting series (2006-2019). He regularly joins George Noory on 'Coast to Coast AM', and he has appeared in the Lifetime Movie Network series, 'I was Possessed.' Bill also appears monthly on the 'Kev Baker Show' out of Scotland and has a show every Sunday with Kev Baker, called "Warrior Mode."

Bill has helped people hundreds of people all over America, and has also helped people in over 40 other countries around the world. Bill's Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Ministry addresses anything from curses – blocks – attachments – obsession – oppression to possession by demonic spirits. He’s also a life coach, providing guidance and advice on how to be strong in mind, body and spirit. With great sensitivity and understanding, Bill Bean helps his clients to find solutions to a wide array of life challenges. He works with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve goals.

“Life is all about moving forward.” Bill Bean.

Bill is the author of the following critically acclaimed books: Dark Force, Delivered, Ten Steps to Victory, The Connection, Stranger Than Fiction and Dark Force Revisited.

Bill Bean has given over 2000 media interviews worldwide and has been written about in nearly a dozen books.

Bill Bean has appeared on these shows and networks : Lifetime Movie Network, Discovery Channel, SYFY Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America, Animal Planet, Gaiam TV, Coast to Coast Radio, Beyond Belief, Cornerstone TV, Dead Files, LMN series 'I was Possessed', The List, Pulse Talk UK, X-Zone Canada and may other shows and networks.

Bean is the author of six books, and in his latest book "Dark Force Revisited", Bill describes how terrible and tragic his life once was. He then takes the reader through the miraculous transformation that took place in his life, and how GOD transformed him from victim to victor!

A few years ago, Bill offered his readers and followers Ten Steps to Victory which outlined the ten basic steps that Bill has incorporated into his life of victorious living. And now Bill has rounded out his story by drawing all three previous works together. In his 2018 book The Connection, Bill stresses the importance of seeking and solidifying a strong connection with God in every aspect of our life. He draws the literal connection between the past events of his life and his present 24/7 Spiritual Warrior life-style and that connection is God. R. Travis Shortt

Bill’s books offer a beacon of hope to those who suffer, often for years and even generations under the oppression of primary evil. Don’t miss any of Pastor Bean’s books. Each is unique, but each also covers his battle against the powers of evil. Pastor Jeffrey Leeper

In his books, Bill teaches us what is required in order to maintain a true devotional connection and commitment to God so that every day we can experience the miraculous in our lives. Bill Bean's books are a humbling reminder that all is connected - to God!"
Ingrid Aybar

Through my Christian walk I have read and studied numerous writings and teachings on spiritual warfare. While many of these are good none quite gripped me the way this one did. Bill’s book “The Connection” contains a great amount of detail, while keeping things in a concise, simple format that most anyone could understand and apply to their own lives. While working as a Pastor I have seen many people who are stuck spiritually, who can never seem to break through and are always still looking to the world for answers. Some of the biggest problems facing the church today is too much worldly influence, whether through music, tv, or other entertainment masking itself as harmless yet leading people down dark demonic paths.

Rev. Bean addresses these issues and many more in this powerful writing that I would recommend all believers have in their libraries.

Pastor Jason Morelock
Liberty Worship Center
Greeneville, TN.

Bill gives interviews and often lectures about his amazing story of triumph over tragedy and how GOD miraculously transformed his life!

I was under demonic oppression and had attempted suicide several times. Then through a friend I was guided to Bill Bean. Since meeting Bill, my life has been totally transformed and I'm forever grateful to God for working through Bill to save my life. I feel that Bill Bean is one of God's mightiest warriors on this Earth!
John Drenner

I was sick, depressed and dealing with something very dark in my life. Then I met Bill Bean and my life changed in a very short amount of time. I lost 123 pounds and regained my health after a decade of horrible sickness. God worked through Bill to give me a brand new life. I currently use my life experience along with Bill's teachings to help others. I have learned so much from Bill and consider him as my best friend.
Jeff Leeper

"Bill is a tremendously gifted speaker, who makes an instant connection with his audience. He never fails to leave them both inspired and uplifted. "
​The Village Voice

“After reading Dark Force, I found it to be one of the most disturbing and captivating stories that I have ever read. Dark Force is a must read book!"
George Noory Host of Coast to Coast AM

"Bill Bean has been a special guest class speaker at several of my classes in a course called: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY & BELIEF IN THE PARANORMAL @ UMBC.
He has consistently been one of the more popular, interesting, and sincere speakers in the course. His heartfelt testimonial has moved many of the students, and he has been an inspiration for others. He does an excellent job of engaging the audience, and I hope to have him speak again!"
S. Peter Resta Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology (UMBC)

"I first heard Bill Bean on the coast to coast radio show. That same night I sent him an email and he called me the next day. He helped deliver our church from dark forces who had taken up residence in our old building. Bill has a GOD given gift for facing demonic and satanic forces. He stands against evil through powerful prayers and GOD answers his prayers of deliverance. Bill Bean is a force of GOD'S light and has become a great friend of mine. I know GOD can help deliver others from the hand of Satan through Bill Bean."
Pastor/Evangelist Jonathan Cobb
First Baptist Church -West Harwich, Mass.

The story of the Bean family was featured on the Discovery Channels ‘A Haunting’ series. The episode, which aired in 2006, is called ‘House of the Dead’ and is one of the most watched episodes in the series history.
John Singleton [The Pasadena Voice]

Bill lectures and makes appearances at churches, colleges, schools, corporate events, conventions, hotels, private events etc.....
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