Your Boy Shammah


Shammah is a Christian rap artist who was born in Guyana, South America, and migrated to New York City in 1981. He began to minister for the Lord Jesus Christ, shortly after being saved in 1997. He completed his first recording “If Jesus was a Lyricist” in 2003 for the demo CD “Fire to Matchsticks”. With a heart for the streets and for the youth of this generation, Shammah has ministered at many church evangelistic outreaches and concerts throughout the Tri-state. The Lord has also used Shammah to bless places such as Riker’s Island Prison and Teen Challenge with his live ministry. Youth ministries and churches have also been strengthened and encouraged through the rapping and preaching of this artist, as he shared God’s word in both testimony and song.
He says, “God saved me from hell at the age of twenty – a very ‘tender time’ for a young man to give up partying, chasing girls, porn, and the love of this world. He delivered me from deep involvement in the worship of false gods, due to the occult that I grew up in, through my ancestry. I was very impressed and in love with the streets and the things it seemed to offer, but Jesus saved me before I went very deep. I was never a gangster or a drug dealer; God simply allowed me to grow up in the urban community to learn it’s language (knowing that He would save me and use me to communicate His glorious gospel to it). I’ve seen so many friends and acquaintances (from my life in the world) suffer, and even die untimely deaths. Some were stabbed, some died by gunshot, while many suffered from depression leading to drug use, and even suicide. I was supposed to die by abortion in 1977, but my mother told the devil “No!, this is my only son”. This is why I love to address things like suicide, abortion, drug use and gang violence in my music. All of these are the effects of sin and I believe that only Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection is the solution to sin. My mission is to share with the world that through Him we can have eternal life.”
Shammah not only leads the evangelistic music ministry “King’s Chamber Music Group”, but also is owner and steward of a rare christian barber salon in New York City, called the King’s Chamber Hair Studio. Having completed his second album titled “Kingdom Come”, he seeks to glorify God and truly impact this culture for Jesus Christ.

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