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A beautifully classic groove on this newest single from hip-hop combo Boygenius meet a particularly raspy and rhythmic vocal. The soundscape "The Summer" in particular draws you from the start, with its crisp and clear finish blending beautifully with those classic elements and layers that transport you to a simpler time.

In a similar way, the synths and samples that emerge intermittently throughout have a distinct sense of originality -- good production aids in the creation of something ever-evolving and continually entertaining.

Earl Langham Jr, known as Boygenius. create hip-hop rap songs. He's located in Austin, Texas. Artists such as the south, Lil Keke, Pimp c, Zro, Too Short, Slim thug, Spice one, and S, U.C. CLICK. inspired him to create music.

You can really dwell on the lines because the vocal is masterfully produced, with a heavy mix of warm and cold signal. Boygenius masterfully sung unison voices that span an octave in an enticing fashion and lead us sweetly toward an ambient ending; it creeps up on us far more soon, concluding fairly harshly to make us press the repeat button. It's almost as though we've left the mild mix behind and entered a tropical downpour.

The whole thing has a productive outcome to it, and it streams through with equal measures dynamic and swift familiarity -- the hook sets in, as does the artists' style, and artistically there's a good amount to enjoy, which distinguishes "Backstabber" from the number of current releases.