Boygenius Bio

Making a name in the game with work of undoubted quality, Boygenius balances the grooves of Hip Hop with the soul of RnB like a true master. With over a million streams on Spotify alone, he possesses a smooth and classy lyrical flow and has released numerous singles plus a standout album which really stamps his authority as an artist to be reckoned with.

Born to the hot and steamy climate of Mississippi before moving to Texas his music is full of sumptuous laidback beats which stand comfortably alongside his peers. Featuring the rhythmic and lyrical elements of hip-hop with the emotive and melodic qualities of soulful RnB, there is no doubt that Boygenius has benefitted from an invaluable education in the entertainment business prior to becoming an artist in his own right.

After moving to Austin Texas, he began working with his cousin who was a casting director on films such as Dream Girls, The Postmen, Salena, The Great Debaters, Lend Belly and Benjamin Button. That experience taught him to walk alongside the stars and how to carry himself forward in the industry. Also getting access to musicians such as Big Major, Z-Ro, Trae da Truth, Lil KEKE, Hawk, Moe and Street Military, just added more strings to his bow and made him stand taller.

Watching from the sidelines as the greats took the stage gave Boygenius the desire to follow in their footsteps and become the voice of a new generation. That determination and dedication came to fruition in 2021 with his single For The Summer. A funky slab of soul infused Hip Hop, it was the marker for the sensational album to follow. Fearless (The Fall of The Matrix) announced his arrival to an unsuspecting audience who craved something truly original.

Organic and on the right side of quality, it comprised of ten tracks that were perfect for the summer cruise or lazy afternoon. Showcasing a talent that was immediately identifiable, there are few debut albums that can have such an impact. Creating a rich and introspective sound that connects with listeners on a profound level, the album was layered and filled with the personal truths that are a constant in Boygenius‚?? music.

From that moment on, he has never looked back, releasing music which expands his fanbase with every subsequent single. That reputation for being an honest and fearless storyteller that can touch the mind as well as the soul was reinforced in 2023 with three songs to date. The latest Backstabber was acclaimed as far away as the UK and London FM. Highly praised for its soulful melodies and even compared to 50 Cent, this demonstrates the reach of his talent.

With the world at his feet there is so much more to come from Boygenius, He makes music beyond the disposable pop of today‚??s world and as the name suggests, it is intelligently crafted with moments of sheer brilliance. Delving deep into personal experiences, emotions, social commentary, and introspection, the complexity of his songs is something to behold and the gift that keeps on giving.

Join him on his path to the future. It will be as warm as the weather that shaped him and unquestionably a place that all listeners can enjoy. Ride with him and discover a world you will never want to leave.

‚??There are two worlds. The world of the dead and the world of the living. I always operate from the side of the living. That‚??s what makes me unique‚?Ě - Boygenius