Psychedelic Elders


The Saga of the Psychedelic Elders
Our story begins in the year 1969, when a relatively unknown quartet of young musicians called the Psychedelic Youth were poised to make their mark on the music world as an opening act at the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. As fate would have it, on the weekend before Woodstock, the band decided to take a three hour tour of the Caribbean Islands. Alas, our friends were caught in a vortex in the Bermuda Triangle and ended up in the lost city of Altlantis. As it turned out, the Atlanteans loved psychedelic music, especially artists like Donovan (who, it is rumored, may have actually been born there), so they came to love the music of our friends. The Psychedelic Youth became the house band for the citizens of Atlantis until recently, when they returned to our dimension. Although they were in Atlantis for only a year or two, approximately 45 years passed here. Having aged noticeably since they left, the band could no longer really be called the Psychedelic Youth, so they changed the name to The Psychedelic Elders and have returned to us to restore music to all of its former glory of the Sixties and beyond.. Ladies and gentleman, I give you
The Psychedelic Elders

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