Psychedelic Elders


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Psychedelic Elders
It's a different world today, and we're a different band, a band full of memories. Our individual stories began in the Sixties and Seventies, when music was changing the world.
The airwaves were filled with magic. Songs we could sing to because the words had meaning, and we knew them all. Songs we could rock to because the music was in our blood and the beat was like the rhythm of our hearts. While our idols were packing stadiums, we were packing basements playing in different bands together. Those glory days are the roots of Psychedelic Elders. No, We are not young anymore, but with age comes experience. Our individual stories have converged many times over the years and we all ended up friends, a family of Elders. We are not a cover band or tribute band. Our tribute to yesterday lies in the songs we write and perform today. Classic Rock all the way! Our fans range in age from their 20's to their 80's.
We are Psychedelic Elders
A blast from the past on the road to tomorrow!

Check our Calendar Page for a partial list of the shows we've played

The band members are:

Griff Kinsey- Keyboards and Lead Vocals
Joe Scorza- Guitars and Backing Vocals
Campin' Patty- Bass Guitars and Backing Vocals
Jim Sorey- Drums and Percussion (as of 2021)

Alumni members
Albert Fortino- Drums (2016-2021)
Tony "Bones" Corrao- Drums and Percussion (1952-2016) RIP, brother. April 2016
Jim Molinaro- Horns, Flutes, Saxophone (Guest Performer (2015-2018)

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