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2016 Christian Film Festival best song winner, 2013 Conversations Magazine Female Artist of the year. Accomplished pianist and keyboard player.
Prolific writer of hundreds of songs. Dynamic music arranger and producer.
These are just a few phrases that describe Estee, Gospel artist extraordinaire.
Estee has has a strong, crystal clear voice with an astounding range. She can go from tenor to soprano effortlessly.
She also has "perfect pitch" - an ability only one in 10,000 people possesses -
which allows her to immediately recognize and play any musical note she hears.
Estee's range in music styles is just as expansive. "She's extremely gifted and she can sing any genre of music -
jazz, R&B, rap, Gospel. All her vocals are top flight. You don't see that a lot," said Terry Troutman,
one of the original members of the R&B band Zapp. She's often been compared to Kim Burrell, India Arie and Cece Winans.
Estee has had the honor of being the first female pianist & accompianist for the Grammy nominated Central State University Choir.
She also has been awarded Central State University's prestigious "Most Outstanding First Alto Award" and "The Most Outstanding Performance In The Music Department Award".
Estee’s musical prowess emerged at the tender age of 3, when she began playing a little battery operated
organ her older sister had received as a Christmas present. Before long she was able to hear a song
in a TV commercial and then pick it out on her keyboard.
She began writing songs in middle school, when she formed a Gospel singing group called Proverbs.
Estee had only two years of formal music lessons before attending college at Central State University,
where she earned a BS degree in Music Education.
She began pursuing an R&B singing career during her sophomore year in college. After graduating,
she taught music for five years in parochial schools. She traveled across the nation, performing in clubs and
opening for a number of acts. Her credits include opening for Kelly Price and performing on “The Way We
Do It” on BET.
In 2005, Estee’s music career began to move in another direction.
Although she continued to also perform as an R&B artist, she found herself being pulled back to her
“first love” – Gospel music. In 2006, she decided to go 100 percent Gospel. “It was a revelation from God,”
Estee said. ”For me, Gospel music is more than a career – it is a commitment and a lifestyle.”
Estee’s commitment is rock solid, remaining firm even when she was offered a secular recording contract
that same year. “Finding this record deal was something my managers had been working toward for
five years, but I was in the process of becoming a Gospel music performer and I had to turn it down.”
Estee is now in full-time music ministry, and she has no regrets. Since adhering to her calling she has been
blessed to perform on such renowned venues as TBN New York City, TBN'S Praise The Lord in Canton Oh, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the Family of Dr. Martin Luther King, and The State House for Governer of Ohio. Estee has also shared the stage with legendary artist such as Karen Clark-Sheard, Shirley Murdock, Dottie Peoples, Kelly Price, and The O'Jays just to name a few.
In addition, she is the chief musician for the church in which she grew up -- Greater Liberty Missionary Baptist
Church, where she accompanies, teaches and sings with the church’s three choirs. She also serves as music teacher for St Joseph's School where she also teaches grades 1-8.
Estee has 3 full length studio albums to her credit entitled Anew, Joy and The Joy Deluxe Edition as well as 2 new Christmas singles "Go Tell It and O Holy Night. She also has recently completed the title soundtrack for the dynamic new upcoming film "Blue Butterflies" featuring Stacey Dash. For more information about her and her latest projects mentioned above, please visit
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